We need to trust farmers again

Neil Parish writes for the Western Morning News on the Conservative's pledge for renewed trust and understanding of British farmers.

Fat Tax

At a time where the government is deperately scrambling around trying to find new things to tax, inspiration may just be coming their way from Romania, which has just announced that it is about to introduce a \\fat tax\\ on products which the government deems to be unhealthy.

A French Stitch Up

It looks like we finally know who will be the new EU Agriculture Commissioner. Subject to approval by the European parliament, Dacian Ciolos, a former Romanian Agriculture Minister, will take the reigns and steer the future of West Country farmers for the next five years.

Challenges for West Country Farmers

Some things are certain, we will have a general election next year and the European Parliament will get to use it's new codecision powers for the first time in 2010, giving our MEPs a powerful role in the lives of our farmers throughout the West Country.


don’t like Christmas.

Neil Parish PPC and Councillor Peter Halse campaign to keep the Bungalow open

Tiverton and Honiton Parliamentary Candidate Neil Parish and Councillor Peter Halse call for a proper consultation with the Devon Partnership Trust over their proposed closure of The Bungalow, a psychiatric facility at Honiton.Neil Parish and Peter Halse are working closely with Angela Browning MP and are putting pressure on the Devon Partnership Trust to reconsider their position and to consult with the community before they close this excellent facility.Many carers with relatives who are suffering from dementia have been able to take a respite within The Bungalow’s facilities.