Seaton Regeneration

Neil Parish, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Tiverton and Honiton together with Hugo Swire MP met with Tesco to discuss concerns many people in Seaton have with their plans for their site in the town. Tesco’s stated there will be no dredging of the sea bed damaging the marine eco system in Lyme Bay. 75% of in-fill materials will be quarried on the Isle of Wight and brought by sea to Seaton over a 28 day period in the autumn of 2010. The remaining 25% of materials to finish the site will be delivered by road over a much longer period. Cllr Jim Knight, says “it is essential that road traffic management measures to alleviate disruption for the residents of Axmouth are agreed with the County Council prior to work beginning and kept to an absolute minimum.” Many people in Seaton feel that the site will be over-developed and Neil say “this site currently only has outline planning permission. The Labour government has forced councils to cram as many homes on to sites as possible. Conservatives have promised that with the election of a Conservative government density of housing rules will fall and councils will have the ability to insist on the right balance of good quality and affordable homes”.