Police Grant Report

Speaking in a debate in the House of Commons, Neil Parish called for less police bureaucracy telling MPs that when local police make an arrest it takes seven hours for them to complete the paperwork.Neil Parish (Tiverton and Honiton) (Con): When my local police make an arrest, it takes them seven hours to complete the paperwork. There are great savings to be made in police time, and some of that work can surely be passed to civilians. There are savings to be made, but we can still keep front-line police on the beat.Nick Herbert: I agree. Of course there are savings to be made through more efficient working practices. We are determined to try to drive down bureaucracy in order to free up more police time, and there will be better management of police officers' time. For instance, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner pointed out this week that he had increased the availability and visibility of the police by requiring officers to patrol individually rather than in pairs.| Hansard