Opening Oakdown Holiday Park’s new reception building

Neil officially opened Oakdown Holiday Park’s new reception building in the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The five-month project involved 20 local tradespeople from around the Sid Valley. As part of the design, the Franks family owners used oak from a tree on the farm that had been stored away for 30 years after it had been struck by lightning.

Neil said to guests at the event: 

"What you have done is the ultimate diversification from agriculture and you have done it so well."

“I have seen you grow from strength to strength. I reckon you will grown even stronger. That is really what this is about, on a day like this with tourism being at the forefront, I think you are a great beacon, I really do."

“It’s lovely to have you here, you have got really good staff who are friendly and your family pull together, which is great and I can see getting even bigger as the years go by. But all the time you are providing this great service.”

A video of the event can be found at this link. A full news report is here.