New Zealand Lamb quotas after Brexit

In questions to the Department for International Trade, I asked the Secretary of State, Liam Fox, about trade in New Zealand lamb post Brexit. You can read our exchange below.

Neil: Sheep farming in this country is good for the countryside, food and farming. It is important that we combine making sure that we control quotas of New Zealand lamb with maintaining exports to France. How is the Secretary of State getting on with dis-aggregating the EU quotas on New Zealand lamb meat? 

Liam Fox: We will take the same approach to New Zealand lamb as we do to all other tariff-rate quotas: allocate them on the basis of usage. As I have already explained, that will keep the market stable and mean that we are not disadvantaging New Zealand exporters or our domestic market. That is not only the fairest thing to do, but the best way to prevent the UK from being taken to dispute at the WTO, which is again to our mutual advantage.