Neil Parish statement on EU referendum result

I was proud to stand on a Conservative Manifesto that promised to give the British people an in/out referendum on our membership of the European Union.

Today the British people have had their say and have voted to leave the EU. That decision must now be respected.

I personally made the case for Britain to remain in the EU as the best option for British agriculture. But I always made clear that, whatever the result, I would fight tooth and nail to get the best deal for our farmers. I will honour this commitment. As we negotiate Britain’s new relationship with the EU and new farming policies, I will work hard to ensure the best possible settlement for our agricultural industry. Under my chairmanship, the EFRA Committee will hold the Government to account on its policies to secure the best deal for British agriculture and the environment in the Brexit negotiations.

On a personal note, I am sad to see the Prime Minister resign. He has done fantastic work leading our country through economic recovery over the last six years. I hope his successor will continue his good work in providing the leadership and the policies this country needs.

Britain is a great country and, as I reiterated during the campaign, we have a bright future ahead of us – whatever the result. It’s now time for politicians to respect the will of the British people, roll up our sleeves and make this new relationship work for Britain.