Neil Parish MP speaks in debate on the Common Fisheries Policy

Neil Parish, MP for Tiverton and Honiton and member of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Committee spoke during a backbench business debate in the House of Commons on the fishing industry on Thursday 12th December:

Does my hon. Friend agree that although it is great that the European system is now grinding into place to ban discards—I wish the Minister well in that—the process must be kept going and indeed sped up? My knowledge of the EU, and I suspect that of my hon. Friend, is that it will take an awfully long time to get to a situation where we can stop discarding healthy fish. We need to speed up the system.

Anne McIntosh MP, chairwoman of the EFRA Select Committee replied:

I am grateful to my hon. Friend, and I agree with him. The opinion of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee on this deal was published in February 2012 and the Government response in July 2012. It has taken three years of difficult negotiations, and I commend the fisheries Minister and his predecessor on the lead we took in securing a significant reform of what was deemed a fundamentally flawed common fisheries policy.

Later on in the debate Neil Parish said:

My hon. Friend talks about Spain’s access to what, historically, were our waters. One problem is that once there is a common fisheries policy everybody muscles in, nobody more so than Spain. Spain will hoover up fish not only off our shores, but off Africa and anywhere she can find them. She is a menace and I am quite happy to say that in this House.

Hansard source (Citation: HC Deb, 12 December 2013, c385)