Neil Parish MP speaks about breed specific legislation

Neil Parish MP, Chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee, spoke in the Westminster Hall debate on Breed Specific Legislation on Monday.


During his speech in the Westminster Hall debate Neil highlighted his concerns that due to current rules, there is too much focus on the breed of the dog and what it looks like rather than its temperament. Neil knows it is important to have animals which are safe. However, he emphasised the importance on focusing more on a dog’s nature.


Speaking after the debate Neil said: “Our focus should be the deed, not the breed. I believe we should look at a wider range of ways to deal with this issue rather than just writing off dogs as dangerous and banning them.


“I do know that dogs can be dangerous. Calling for a rethink on legislation does not undermine this point. Proper processes should be in place to protect members of the public from dogs that are dangerous. I know there are victims of dog attacks and I do not want the law to be watered down. But ultimately, the focus should be on the dog’s nature as we ask ourselves, is this dog truly dangerous.”

You can find the full speech here.