Neil Parish MP presents cheque to Tiverton Transport Charity

Neil Parish, Tiverton & Honiton MP, joined Richard Jones Chairman Tiverton Constitutional Club and Philip Gibbs Treasurer Tiverton Constitutional to present a cheque for £720.00 to Faye Ashton, Office Manager of Tiverton and District Community Transport Association, a local charity whose transport services are aimed at increasing the independence, mobility and peace of mind of older and disabled people; helping to combat the problems of loneliness and isolation.

Faye Ashton said the money would go towards:

“Sustainability, and putting it back into the organisation, we are currently doing a revamp of all the schemes to make them work really well, our funding is going to be cut next year so we are working to pull it all together”.

Neil Parish the MP for Tiverton and Honiton presented the cheque saying:

“Thanks particularly to the Tiverton Gazette and the Constitutional Club for working together to raise the money, I think sustainability and looking after the area is so important and it gives me great pleasure this morning to be here to present the cheque, for this very important cause”.

Phil Gibbs, the Treasurer of the Tiverton Constitutional Club, who sang the praises of The Tiverton and District Community Transport Association who offer a life line to people who need important treatments and services at hospitals and clinics, as well as routine appointments, but do not have the transport to get to the hospitals.

Phil added:

“We are lucky enough to have one of our committee members, Mr Paul Wakeman who is part of this organisation. I believe he achieved a record the other year and achieved the most hours driving for the Community Transport. The Committee saw the opportunity to nominate the Community Transport for a grant scheme co-ordinated by the Tiverton Gazette who has given £550.00”.

“We are topping it up with another £200.00 part of which was from the slimming /weight losers group, so in total todays cheque is for £750.00””