Neil Parish MP demands more is done to pay farmers for stewardship schemes

On Thursday 9th May during DEFRA oral questions, Neil Parish MP asked the Minister to do more to ensure farmers are paid on time for stewardship schemes they participate in.

Neil is concerned that when farmers are not paid on time for the stewardship schemes it affects their cash flow and the running of their business.

Speaking after DEFRA Oral Questions Neil said: "It is not good enough that farmers who sign up to stewardship schemes are not paid on time. What makes this situation even worse is that because of the poor timing of payments, it is discouraging other farmers from participating in these schemes. More needs to be done to ensure farmers are paid on time, which will also help with the uptake of these schemes.

"The Minister said he would keep a close on eye on this matter. And I will be keeping a close eye on him to make sure farmers are properly paid and paid on time."

You can read the full exchange here.