Neil Parish MP condemns the unfairness of the loan charge

On Thursday 4th April, Neil Parish MP took part in a debate to express his concerns about the unfairness of the Loan Charge.

Neil stood up for the many people who may be hit by the loan charge, highlighting that its retrospective nature means it is particularly unfair on employers who entered into an agreement in good faith. Neil is particularly unhappy that individual employees could be faced with a large repayment burden, when often employees have no say over the payroll decisions of their employers.

Speaking afterwards, Neil said: “The loan charge is unfair. It places a large financial burden on many individuals who will have said no say over payroll, and it penalises employers who will have entered into this agreement in good faith.

“Instead of wasting time chasing down individuals, which is causing a huge amount of stress and worry, the Government should spend more time trying to find and charge the unscrupulous promoters of these schemes.”

You can read more about Neil’s input here.