Neil Parish MP asks about the illegal wildlife trade

Yesterday, Neil Parish MP asked the Minister of State about what the Government is doing to tackle and stop the illegal wildlife trade.

In particular, Neil flagged that very often poaching and other illegal activities take place in countries which are suffering from humanitarian crises. Neil is concerned for the animals which are being hunted, but also highlighted that there are many rangers who are working to protect the animals and their environment. The illegal wildlife trade means that these people have a very dangerous and difficult job. The Minister, Mark Field MP, acknowledged that countries affected are in very difficult situations and said that the Department for International Trade had allocated at least 50 percent of its annual budget to spend in states which are affected by conflict.

Speaking afterwards Neil said: "I was reassured by the Minister that the Government is taking this issue seriously. We need to protect the animals who are endangered as a result of the illegal wildlife trade. Rangers do a brilliant job, often in very difficult and dangerous circumstances. So it is good to hear that my Conservative colleagues are contributing towards finding ways to tackle and stop these barbaric acts altogether. Whether it is poaching or trophy hunting we must all work together to protect endangered species."

You can read the full exchange here.