Neil celebrates affordable housing development

Neil joined local residents and developers to celebrate the one year anniversary of the affordable housing development in Dalwood, near Axminster.

The six homes were completed in June 2015 in a collaboration between Correy Valley Trust and Yarlington Housing Group at the entrance to Dalwood village. They include two homes for low-cost ownership and four affordable properties for rental. Applicants for the properties must have local ties and be permanently employed.

Neil presented flowers to Shelagh Fearnley and Kathy Laing for their hard work in getting the scheme up and running. He then made a short speech praising the development and planted an apple tree on the grounds to celebrate the anniversary.

Neil said:

“It was a pleasure to celebrate the one year anniversary of the development. Not only do the homes fit in with the beautiful natural surroundings, they are providing good quality and affordable accommodation for local people”.

“I am passionate about more young families having the opportunity to get on the housing ladder and build their life in our county. I want to see more tasteful developments like this is our part of Devon. A big congratulations to Yarlington and Correy Valley Trust for making such an excellent development a reality.”