Neil calls on BBC chiefs to save regional politics programmes

On Monday 22 June, Neil held an adjournment debate in the House of Commons which called on BBC chiefs to save regional politics programmes. 

Under a new review of English programming, staples of current affairs broadcasting like 'Inside Out' and the 'Sunday Politics' shows are under threat. The cost-cutting drive comes at the same time as Covid-19 with many broadcasters and producers already taken off programmes. 

In the debate, Neil called on the BBC to invest more in regional staff and programming, not less, arguing that with Brexit and more power being devolved away from Whitehall, with greater local authority powers and new regional mayors, the BBC should be prioritising the regions. 

MPs from across the House joined in to call on the BBC to save regional political programmes. 

You can re-watch the debate, which began at 5:30pm, here:

The Minister, John Whittingdale, was very supportive of the cross-party support for saving regional political programmes and Neil will now take up the issue with BBC chiefs directly.