Maddock Farm Organics Visit

Neil visited Maddock Farm Organics in Cullompton, which was recently awarded the Soil Association’s prestigious BOOM (Best of the Organic Market) Award for Best of Fresh Produce.

The farm is run by Jan and Stuart, who moved from London to Devon in 2002. Having worked to build up on Maddock Farm Organics ever since, the company now specialises in edible flowers and is the only organic company in the UK to do so. The farm is committed to producing the most ethical and environmentally sustainable produce possible and has also implemented a bumble-bee conservation program.

Neil said:

"I really enjoyed visiting Maddocks Farm. They are a fantastic example of a quality local business and they are committed to preserving our natural environment too."

"I think there is a growing recognition of our soils and what an important natural resource they are. A big congratulations to Maddocks for their award and I hope they continue to go from strength to strength."