Local 19 year old tech entrepreneur is ready for business!


Neil Parish MP, Dominic Turner, East Devon District Councillor Ian Thomas and Thorsten Kanand representing AirRobot.



Dominic Turner aged 19 from Uplyme, Devon has started a new high tech company AirRobot UK Ltd. Neil Parish MP opened his new premises at Hunthay Farm near Axminster in June 2014.

Dominic has the UK distributorship for AirRobot and has the backing and resources from the manufacturer.

The main company has been supplying the military for over 12 years and is now bringing the aerial platforms into the civilian markets.

Dominic says he has the Universal application for Surveying, Inspection, and Surveillance to Aerial Photography at www.airrobot.co.uk.

He is licensed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and can fly up to max 400 ft or 120 metres with his permission for Aerial Work.

The camera technology payloads include still, video, infrared to Thermal cameras with high definition.

Dominic is licensed and is available for hire with his UAV to take that different view from literally 4 to 400 feet and has set up his photography company AirRotorMedia UK Ltd to complete this.