Letter from the Transport Minister, Andrew Jones

This week I recieved a letter from the Minister for Transport, Andrew Jones. It was in response to a letter that I wrote, co-signed by sixteen Conservative South West MPs, regarding routes into the South West and the upgrade of roads in the region. 

For many years now, I have campaigned alongside my Conservative colleagues to get better rural transport for our region. The South West has been neglected for far too long in terms of infrastructure development. Following a Westminster Hall debate on 'Road Routes to the South-West', which I secured earlier this year, I decided to write a letter to the Transport Minister with a view to getting some answers and gaining some momentum. I was pleased to see such fantastic support for this cause and gratefully recieved the letter, below, which provides detail on the infrastructure spending that we all want. 

Follow the hyperlink to view what Andrew Jones had to say:

Letter from Andrew Jones - April 19th 2016