Improving the Food Crime Unit

Neil Parish MP was in the Chamber this week asking what support the Government was offering the FSA's Food Crime Unit in the wake of revelations at food processing plants in the UK.

He asked the Department of Health and Social Care whether the Government would increase the Unit's funding. Neil reminded the Government that the FSA was there to protect public health but that there is an inconsistency as the assurance schemes do not answer to a single body, making it difficult to track their effectiveness. The answer, Neil told the Government, is to give the FSA powers to monitor all of the different schemes, which is where the Crime Unit could prove to be extremely effective.

However, he was told that although the Government recognises the importance of the Food Crime Unit, the FSA itself was exploring its funding options with a decision expected in Spring.

Speaking afterwards Neil said: "I am keen to see the Government take food safety more seriously. Our food standards are amongst the highest in the world, and I want assurances that this will continue long into the future. The Department of Health and Social Care must take the FSA more seriously and ensure it has the powers to make sure it can protect food safety and public health."

You can read the full exchange here.