Hurly Burly Nursery in Tiverton

Neil visited the Hurly Burly nursery in Tiverton to see one of the town's newest childcare facilities. The nursery opened in January after the closure of Kingfishers nursery. 

Neil said: 

"It was a pleasure to visit Hurly Burly. It's a lovely atmosphere, very warm, very friendly and the children, babies and toddlers all seem to get on very well.

"It's also an area with plenty of outdoor play areas which are surrounded by green fields and the River Exe. It is an ideal environment for these young people to grow up in."

"I always enjoying visiting centres like these and seeing what great work being done. I'm sure with the start in life staff here at Hurly Burly are giving these young people they will have the best chances of doing well when the progress into primary education."