Historic Mills for Energy Project

Neil visited a range of historic mills in Devon and Somerset to learn more about an exciting new project to bring the sites back into use to generate hydro-electric power.

The trip was part of joint proposals, developed with local mill owners, Mid Devon District Council, South West Water and Western Power, dubbed the 'Mills Project', with the aim of bringing back historic mills, weirs and leats into use to generate energy along South West waterways.

The group visited Thorverton Mill, Flock Mill, Longaller Mill and Heathcoat Fabrics to see how land and mill owners are looking to make the project a reality and generate local power.

Neil said:

"This isn't a pipe dream, but a real possibility. I am now seeking meetings with Energy Ministers in Government to allocate funding for the scheme and get it kicked-started in Devon. I also want to bring Ministers to the mills we visited to show them how we can make this project a reality."

"There are so many benefits to the project - local, sustainable power; bringing historic sites back into use; easing water flow rates and reducing flood risk; boosting the local economy and creating jobs."

"If the Government is serious about helping to boost growth across all regions and in the South West, this is exactly the sort of project is should be supporting. I look forward to making the case to Ministers."