Neil Parish MP attended oral parliamentary question time for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs yesterday so that he could ask ministers about flooding.

Although Neil has welcomed news that Flood Re has helped to cover residential properties under its insurance scheme, there is still concern over whether guest houses are covered under this as it is not clear whether they are business addresses or residential addresses. Neil is keen to help many of the people who live in and run guest houses, as well as other small rural businesses, find affordable insurance. Therese Coffey MP, the Minister responsible responded to Neil's concerns by saying that she is continuing to work with the insurance industry to try and address this difficult issue.

Speaking afterwards Neil said "I was encouraged to hear that the Minister will continue to work with the insurance industry to improve cover for flooding. It is a complicated issue and I am eager to see that every business can find affordable insurance so that they can continue to run their business and keep our rural economy going."

You can read the full exchange here.