Expansion of Grammar School Places

Neil asked what steps the Government is taking to help grammar schools expand. Colyton Grammar School in his constituency is one of the best performing schools in the country - state or private - and wants to take on more pupils. Neil raised their case with the Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening.

Neil: What steps her Department is taking to support the expansion of grammar schools.

Justine Greening: Under our national funding proposals, more money will follow students, particularly to schools that are educating pupils who are disadvantaged and from lower-income families. On the roll of one of the schools my hon. Friend the Member for Salisbury (John Glen) has highlighted, 25% of the young people are on free school meals, whereas the proportion in the other school is less than 1%. That accounts for the majority of the difference.

Neil: Colyton Grammar School in my constituency has a great headteacher, wonderful staff and pupils with huge levels of attainment. The school would very much like to expand. How can the Secretary of State help it to expand more than it can at the moment?

Justine Greening: To build on my previous point, the consultation, “Schools that work for everyone” also covered our proposals to allow expanding existing selective schools to be able to offer more choice to parents and our proposals to increase the number of school places at good and outstanding schools. We will make available dedicated funding of up to £50 million a year to support those schools to expand.

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