Dalwood Community Shop 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Neil joined residents for the 15th anniversary celebrations of the Dalwood Community shop and post office. The celebrations showcased local products and showed how the shop has extended its range of foods over the last few years.

The shop is staffed by volunteers and open 363 days per year. It has only ever once closed in its 15 years, due to a power cut. It's a fantastic way for newcomers to the village to make friends, collect some every-day essentials and learn more about the village.

The post office is open three days a week for all postal activities. It has replaced the old sub post office, which closed in 1999.

Neil said:

"The Dalwood community shop and post office are real local gems. They show just what a community can achieve when they come together with a plan - it's a great example of the big society in action."

"The shop's such a local lifeline to so many residents. Congratulations to Dalwood and here's to the next 15 years of success."