Westminster News

Dairy UK Parliamentary Breakfast

Neil chaired a Dairy UK breakfast - attended by other MPs and key dairy stakeholders - on boosting dairy exports and the future of the dairy industry post-Brexit.

Backing British Farming

It was a sunny day in Westminster for Neil to sign the NFU's Back British Farming board.

Many rural members also wore an ear of wheat in their lapels in Prime Minister's Questions as a reminder of the importance of agriculture and food production to the British economy.

Neil backs Tidal Lagoon Power

Neil pressed Ministers in the new Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on their support for Tidal Lagoons to provide Britain's energy.

Neil presses PM on support for Farmers

Neil used his question to the Prime Minister to ask her to commit for support for British farmers post-2020 - especially in new trade deals.

Neil calls for Better Education in Prisons

Neil questioned Justice Ministers on the proportion of prisoners who are currently illiterate and what steps the Department can take to improve literacy rates among inmates.

Neil: What proportion of prisoners are illiterate. 

English Wine Champion

Neil presents awards at the English Wine of the Year Event as the new Parliamentary English Wine Champion.