Westminster News

Chancellor's statement on Banking

Neil Parish welcomes the Chancellor's statement on the banking industry but calls on him to ensure that the banks are lending to small businesses at the proper rates.

EU Budget: Court of Auditors 2009 Report

As the Court of Auditors again fails to approve the EU budget, Neil Parish suggests that one way to ensure the EU takes the management of its funds seriously would be to withold our contributions until the EU balances its books.

Petition: Feed-in Tariffs

Neil Parish presents a petition from a constituent to amend legislation to permit photovoltaic solar collection systems to be installed by any householder who believes himself competent.

Energy Questions: Oil Prices

Neil Parish calls on the Government to put pressure on the oil companies to ensure that consumers get a fair deal - residents are facing an increase of 70% or more which does not reflect the changes in crude oil prices.


Neil Parish calls for the UK to do what it can to bring about democratic change which will lead to the much needed economic change and a prosperous future for Zimbabwe.

Daylight Saving Bill Debate

During a debate on a private member's bill to examine the benefits of putting the clocks forward by one hour for all, or part of, the year, Neil Parish highlights changes that have occurred since the 1960s experiment which would make it more beneficial.