Westminster News

Local Government Bill Committee

Neil Parish is a member of the Local Government Bill Committee debating a Bill to stop proposals for the restructuring of councils in Norfolk, Devon and Suffolk.| Hansard

DEFRA Questions: Farming Industry

Neil Parish raises the concerns of pig and poultry farmers who rely heavily on imported feed and calls for achievable thresholds for imported non-GM feed.

Economic Support

During Welsh Questions, Neil Parish asks the Secretary of State about Government support for the economy in Wales.

MP welcomes defence and nuclear treaties

Neil Parish welcomes the co-operation with France as making military and economic sense. He calls on the Government to ensure that the treaties will open up of the markets in procurement.

European External Action Service Debate

During a debate on the establishment of the European External Action Service - a commitment of the Lisbon Treaty, Neil Parish raises his concerns about how the UK can tell the world of its position on a particular issue when the UK position conflicts with that of the rest of the European Union.

Police Grant Report

Speaking in a debate in the House of Commons, Neil Parish called for less police bureaucracy telling MPs that when local police make an arrest it takes seven hours for them to complete the paperwork.

Energy Efficiency Debate

Speaking in the House of Commons, Neil Parish calls on the Government to consider promoting the installation of central boilers on new housing developments which have proved successful on the continent producing savings of up to 50%.

DEFRA Questions: Farming Regulation

Speaking in the House of Commons, Neil Parish calls on the Government to reduce the bureaucracy faced by farmers and movement orders in particular.