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My position on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

As our exit date from the European Union approaches, there is understandably a lot of noise and concern about Brexit.

Engagement is vital for our democracy and I am very glad that so many of you have been in touch to express considered views on the direction of the country.

Future proofing our agricultural policy

Neil Parish MP, today spoke in the second reading of the Agriculture Bill.


As the Chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee, and a former farmer who represents a rural seat, Neil has been fully scrutinising the Agriculture Bill.


Improving our air quality

Neil Parish MP led a debate yesterday on improving air quality in the House of Commons Chamber.

Neil joined his fellow select committee chairs from Transport, Environmental Audit and Health and Social Care to discuss how to improve our air quality.

Neil Parish MP welcomes the Ivory Bill

Earlier this week Neil Parish MP and chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee congratulated the Secretary of State for Defra for bringing forward the Ivory Bill.

Improving the Food Crime Unit

Neil Parish MP was in the Chamber this week asking what support the Government was offering the FSA's Food Crime Unit in the wake of revelations at food processing plants in the UK.