Equitable Life Debate

Neil Parish welcomes the compensation measures being introduced and calls on the Minister to explain when recipients will receive that compensation.

Larch Disease Debate

Neil Parish leads a Parliamentary debate on Larch disease and threat to ancient woodlands in the south-west of England in particular.

Zimbabwe Debate

During a debate on the political situation in Zimbabwe, Neil Parish recounts his experiences as an election observer in the 2000 election and calls for election observers sent to observe the anticipated national elections this year to be in place well before the election takes place.

Groceries Code Adjudicator Debate

Speaking in a debate on the grocery adjudicator, Neil Parish asks when it will be introduced as supermarket customers want to be sure that a fair amount of the money is paid to food producers.

Pig farming Debate

Neil Parish condemns the supermakets for driving pig farmers out of business and for misleading labelling where the Union Jack is used when the meat is only processed in this country and is not a genuinely British product.

Christmas Adjournment debate: Heating Oil

Neil Parish takes the opportunity of the Christmas Adjournment debate to condemn the variation in average prices of heating oil in different parts of the country.

Intensive Dairy Farming Debate

During a debate on intensive dairy farming Neil Parish highlights concerns about the effect on the industry as a whole, the welfare of farmers and the public's concept of farming.

European Union Bill Debate

Neil Parish welcomes the Bill which will transfer sovereignty back to Westminster and ensure more public and parliamentary involvement prior to the UK ratifying certain EU decisions and Treaty changes and never again deny the British people a referendum on an issue such as the Lisbon Treaty.

Summer Adjournment Debate

Neil Parish raises a wide variety of local issues in the Adjournment debate, including water charges, Tiverton high school, the A303 around Honiton, maternity services, rural broadband, bovine TB and, additionally, farming in Zimbabwe.

Maiden Speech

Neil Parish makes his maiden speech in the House of Commons and uses it to thank retiring MP Angela Browning for her hard work for the area since she was elected in 1992.