Badgers and Bovine TB debate

Neil Parish welcomes Government moves to address the issue of bovine TB and the proposed limited badger cull.

Flood and Water Management debate

Neil Parish raises the issues of water rates, competition in the water industry and flooding. He also calls for better management of our rivers and drainage.

Neuroblastoma debate

Neil Parish leads a Parliamentary debate on the treatment of the rare form of child cancer, neuroblastoma, and the different responses from PCTs to requests to fund treatment.

Finance (No3) Bill: High cost credit lending

Neil Parish calls for Government action over high cost credit lenders who charge vast levels of interest and knock on doors to exploit the most vulnerable people in the country. He suggests, at very least, a requirement that lenders state how much will have to be repaid on a loan of £100.

Wild Animals (Circuses) debate

Neil Parish backs a motion to ban wild animals in circuses but raises concerns that the proposed timescale could enable a legal challenge as a result of an outstanding case in another European state.

Fisheries Debate

Neil Parish backs a motion that supports the Fish Fight campaign against fish discards where EU common fisheries policy results in dead or dying fish being thrown back into the water.