Israel and the peace process debate

Neil Parish calls on the Government to make sure that they are fair in their dealings with Israel and the whole region and that there is a two-state solution and a state of Israel.

MP condemns failure of Common Fisheries Policy

Neil Parish backs a motion condemning the Common Fisheries Policy as having failed to conserve fish stocks and failed fishermen and consumers. He calls for greater decentralisation and more local control.

Neil Parish condemns EU fishing agreements

Neil Parish condemns EU fishing agreements and calls on the UK to take a stand against the practice of spending taxpayers money on buying fishing resources from west African countries which destroys the livelihoods of the fishermen and communities in those countries. Instead, he argues, we should buy fish from those countries and encourage them to develop their fishing industries.

Common Agricultural Policy debate

Neil Parish calls for greater independence when it comes to developing our agricultural policy especially as the EU grows in size one size will not fit all.

MP commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day 2012

Neil Parish outlines the importance of commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day and the need to ensure that the events of seventy years ago are not repeated.

MP welcomes longer rail franchise to encourage investment

Neil Parish welcomes the Government's support for a 15-year rail franchise as it will enable the company to invest long-term. He calls for improvements to permit more freight by rail at Tiverton and a new station at Cullompton.

MP raises local issues in Parliament

Speaking in the Christmas Adjournment debate, Neil Parish calls for help for flood prevention measures in Feniton and for changes to the Localism Bill to allow some of the aggregates tax to be used on local infrastructure projects which could help villages close to quarries such as Burlescombe and Westleigh.