Dairy Industry Debate

Neil Parish jointly leads a debate on milk prices and the voluntary code of practice for dairy contracts. He urges the Government to legislate if the code of practice does not produce the desired results. He also urges greater exports to emerging markets for milk products.

MP raises local issues in House of Commons

Neil Parish takes the opportunity of the Summer Adjournment debate to raise local issues of concern specifically flood prevention and the impact on dairy farming of supermarkets driving down the price of milk.

Dangerous Dogs debate

Neil Parish backs calls for a change away from breed-specific dangerous dogs legislation and for wider microchipping and more effort to ensure the database is kept accurate and up to date.

MP backs calls for more powers for loan company regulators

Neil Parish MP backs calls for more powers for regulators to tackle problems caused by payday loan and doorstep lending companies and for consumers to be made fully aware of the consequences of not repaying any loan taken out.

Rural Communities debate

Speaking in a Parliamentary debate, Neil Parish raises issues relating the rural communities and the cost of living in rural areas.