Speeches in Parliament

Neil Parish MP speaks in Cycling Debate

Neil Parish MP speaks during Private Members Bill that endorses the target of 10 per cent of all journeys being by bike by 2025, and 25 per cent by 2050; and calls on the Government to show strong political leadership, including an annual Cycling Action Plan and sustained funding for cycling.

Neil Parish MP speaks in Syria debate

Neil Parish MP speaks during a vote in Parliament on military intervention in Syria in response to the use of chemical weapons.

Neil Parish MP raises constituency issues in Summer Adjournment Debate

It is a great pleasure to be the last speaker in this debate. I congratulate my hon. Friend Jason McCartney on taking on the mantle of my hon. Friend Mr Amess in trying to refer to the most constituents in the shortest time. I echo his concerns about dangerous dogs. We are doing a lot of work on that. Microchipping and other compulsory measures will help. People who have a legitimate right to go into a home, be they a postman, a midwife or a social worker, should not be bitten by a dog, especially a dog that is known to be dangerous. I want to pursue that matter. I have great sympathy for the postman who was bitten in the constituency of my hon. Friend the Member for Colne Valley, as I do for the thousands who are bitten every year.