Speeches in Parliament

More Tree Planting

Neil took part in a debate on Tree Planting in the UK to highlight the benefits of increasing the acreage of British forests and woodlands. He called for higher tree planting rates to improve our environment, mitigate flood risk and promote our economy.

Future of British Fishing Industry

Neil made a speech on the future of the UK Fishing Industry in a Backbench Business debate in the House of Commons. You can read the speech below or watch it at this link:

Better broadband for the South West

Neil quizzed the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, on better broadband for the South West. He called for greater separation between BT and Openreach and proper competition in the broadband market.

English Wine Debate

Neil held a Parliamentary debate on the English Wine Industry in Westminster Hall. English wine is a huge success story and production is set to double to over 10 million bottles a year by 2020.

Neil battles Honiton Hospital bed closures

Neil spoke in the debate on on Healthcare Provision in Devon. He made the case for NHS Chiefs to reconsider plans to remove all inpatient beds at Honiton Hospital - without any proper consultation with the public. His speech can read below:

Electric Cars Debate

Neil presses Government for faster action on infrastructure and incentives for electric cars