Speeches in Parliament

Equitable Life Policyholders

Neil spoke in the debate on Equitable Life policy holders to call for fairness for those involved in the scheme. He said:

Budget Debate Speech

Neil spoke in the debate on the Budget. In his six minute speech, Neil packed into his speech his views on National Insurance for the self-employed, Brexit, jobs, debt, social care and education. You can read Neil's speech below and the full debate can be read at this link: 


Fair Broadband Advertising

Neil spoke up in a debate on broadband speeds and advertising to call for fairer marketing of broadband services. You can read his intervention below:

Stronger Flood Defences Speech

Neil made an impassioned plea for better flood defences in the House of Commons. In a speech about the Environment Select Committee's recent report on future flood prevention, Neil called for far stronger action by Government to protect homes and communities from flood waters.

More Tree Planting

Neil took part in a debate on Tree Planting in the UK to highlight the benefits of increasing the acreage of British forests and woodlands. He called for higher tree planting rates to improve our environment, mitigate flood risk and promote our economy.