NFU Conference - Post-Brexit Farming

Neil took part in a conference, organised by the National Farmers' Union, on farming in post Brexit Britain. Top of the agenda were agricultural subsidies, access to labour and maintaining free trade for selling UK food and drinks products into European markets. 

More Support for Low Emissions Vehicles

On his first full day back in Westminster after hip replacement surgery, Neil made a speech calling for greater support for Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles. The speech can be read below:


Help for Young Farmers

Neil spoke at the launch of Natwest's report on helping young people in the farming industry. 

The report, Harvesting the Future for Young Farmers, identifies problems which stop young people going into farming, including lack of access to finance and problems diversifying produce.

Neil praises game-changer broadband deal for Devon

Neil has welcomed a game-changing broadband deal that will deliver a £62.25 million network to an additional 35,225 of the hardest to reach homes and businesses in Devon and Somerset by 2019.

A personal message from Neil

Over the next six weeks, you will be seeing a bit less of me in Parliament and around Tiverton and Honiton. That’s because I am having a hip replacement operation next week.

Christmas Post Office Visit

Neil  visited the Axminster, Seaton, Honiton and Tiverton Delivery Offices to see first-hand the operation of delivering Christmas post and to wish a Merry Christmas to its hardworking staff.

East Devon Farmers Group

Neil gave a presentation to the East Devon Farmers Group to help launch their 5 year Farm Facilitation scheme.

He underlined the importance of stewardship of the environment as part of a profitable and sustainable farming sector.

Neil said:

More Tree Planting

Neil took part in a debate on Tree Planting in the UK to highlight the benefits of increasing the acreage of British forests and woodlands. He called for higher tree planting rates to improve our environment, mitigate flood risk and promote our economy.

Future of British Fishing Industry

Neil made a speech on the future of the UK Fishing Industry in a Backbench Business debate in the House of Commons. You can read the speech below or watch it at this link: