Carbon Capture Technology

Neil took part in a debate on 'carbon capture' - a technology that captures carbon emissions from power and industry. The carbon is then stored to stop it being released into the atmosphere and contributing to the greenhouse effect. He made the point that carbon could be captured and then re-used in fertilisers for agriculture.

Neil: My hon. Friend mentioned nitrogen fertiliser and the need to use carbon capture and storage to help create more fertiliser. At the moment we use a lot of natural gas to make this fertiliser. Therefore, it will be a win-win situation, because we will be reducing the amount of natural gas we use and using the carbon that is already being produced.

Simon Clarke MP: I agree with my hon. Friend that carbon utilisation is something we should look at. It is not necessarily the same as carbon capture and storage, but it is definitely a valuable mechanism to ensure we are not wasting carbon dioxide that we have to produce. Therefore I would certainly back that, as does the strategy.

You can watch Neil's question at this link.