A better future for British agriculture

Neil Parish MP has a vision for the future of British farming.

As he reminded his colleagues in the House last week, Neil is the son of a farmer, and is himself, a farmer. During his speech at the Westminster Hall debate, 'The Future of British Agriculture' Neil emphasised how important it was to him that we look at exactly what we want agriculture and our land to provide.

This is paramount. We want good, healthy food and to maintain this green and pleasant land. And we can achieve this as we leave the EU so long as we can increase productivity. 

And in order to do this, Neil said, we need some form of payment for farmers, as well as policies that will increase competition, productivity and increase the profitability of farming. Our farmers are also the stewards of the countryside. So we need continuing support payments for farmers, but with a new system that can be tailored for Britain's individual needs and food chain.

But those farmers also need access to the EU market. And the Government needs to think very carefully about how tariffs might affect our farmers. All of this must be balanced with 

Speaking after the debate Neil said: "This is a fantastic opportunity that Britain must seize with both hands. There is the chance to produce more food and allow our farmers to thrive. But it must all be done with great care and the Government needs to give real consideration to how tariffs might affect our farmers and our domestic market. I want us to create a truly Global Britain. This can only be achieved with the right farming policy. I'm hopeful that Government will listen to my upcoming select committee report which focuses on the opportunities presented by Brexit and the fine balancing act we must navigate our way through to make sure we have a food policy that will benefit both the farmer and the consumer.

You can read Neil's full speech here.