Banning Bee Killing Pesticides

Neil spoke in a debate on the UK bee population to call for protections for bees and ensuring there are safe alternatives to neonicotinoids.

Neil: I thank my hon. Friend for securing the debate. There are a lot of bee-friendly crops that we can grow, which can help to enhance the bee population. That must be done. I also say to our farming Minister that it is important to have the means to grow the crops. When we no longer use neonicotinoids, we must ensure that we have alternatives ​that are safer and that we can safely grow those crops. It is absolutely essential that we have both bees and good, bee-friendly crops.

Alex Chalk MP: I agree with that. It is also vital that we have happy farmers, because farmers are crucial custodians of the countryside. It seems perfectly possible to have a thriving farming community and a thriving community of bees and pollinators too.

You can read the full debate at this link.